The Tooth Fairies Celebrate Leprechaun Day

The Skeeterflip Report #9

The tooth fairies enjoyed celebrating Leprechaun Day earlier this week. Or, as they like to call it, Distant Cousin Day. If you go back far enough in the tooth fairy family tree, you'll see that tooth fairies are related to leprechauns. Because of this connection, the tooth fairies love to honor their leprechaun relatives by acting like them on this holiday.

As you well know, leprechauns have a reputation for being tricksters, so Mischiefee figured the best way to celebrate Leprechaun Day was to go all out with his jokes. And he did. He was out of control. No one was safe from his pranks. Even me.

I don’t know how he did it, but he got his hands on this weekly report and changed the names. He made it sound like I, the serious Inspector Skeeterflip, was the one playing jokes on all of the tooth fairies this week. As if.

Luckily, I reviewed the report one last time before submitting it, caught the mistake, and made the correction to reflect what really happened. His behavior this week definitely needs to go on permanent record.

Flitterfee embraced the custom of wearing green. She donned a green dress, dyed her hair green, and colored her skin green. She used a permanent marker, so there’s a good chance she’ll still be green on next year’s Leprechaun Day.

Ariafee paid homage to the leprechauns’ trade as shoemakers by having Gruffleblub, the tooth fairy that works in the Repair Shop, make her a new pair of musical shoes. Every time she walks, you can hear the sound of instruments playing. She is now her own traveling band.

Bumblefee celebrated the holiday with green donuts. Per previous reports, she is trying to cut down on the number of donuts she eats. She figured green donuts didn't count as a full donut since she used spinach to make them.

As it was, she need not have worried about eating a donut, because she didn’t end up eating any. They tasted awful. Spinach might be good in a lot of things, but not in donuts.

Finally, it wouldn’t be Leprechaun Day if there wasn’t some mention of stealing the pot of leprechaun gold. Or, in our case, ToothLoot. Fweebolwitz, that naughty tooth fairy, snuck into the building and tried to steal the ToothLoot out of our vault. Fortunately, Smigglesfert walked in on the theft in progress, started sneezing from shock, and scared Fweebolwitz off. 

Smigglesfert’s feeling pretty pleased with himself for having foiled Fweebolwitz, but I think Fweebolwitz ran away because all that sneezing made it hard for him to concentrate. That’s just between you and me, though. 

Well, that’s it for this week’s report. I’ll send over another one soon.

Signing off,               

Inspector Skeeterflip

The Skeeterflip Report is the official record of our tooth fairies' activities, as observed and chronicled by Inspector Skeeterflip, our Loose Tooth Checker and self-appointed company reporter. Unofficially, it's a tooth fairy story. But we try not to call it that in front of him.