What makes these tooth fairy letters special?

The loss of a tooth is one of the big milestone events of childhood. It’s a marker of growth. It’s a rite of passage. It can be intimidating (Will it hurt a lot?), puzzling (Why do my teeth come out?), or just curious (What happens to my old tooth?)

The loss of a tooth can also be the launch of a memorable and fun excursion into the vivid world of a child’s imagination. And parents – and grandparents, aunts and uncles! – can go along for the ride.

This adventure in imagination is what makes our tooth fairy letters special. As you well know, the exchange of a lost tooth for a coin has long defined the role of The Tooth Fairy. We’ve just expanded on that tradition with our multi-night tooth fairy letter adventures, creating an interactive, entertaining and often educational exercise for your child that will be fondly recalled for life. 

What is my role as a parent with these letters?

A flight into the world of a child’s imagination awaits your son or daughter…and you too. So buckle up.

You are a key player in these letter adventures. If you think we’re only talking about hiding our letters and ToothLoot (shh, our little secret) while your child is sleeping, that would be wrong.

Rather, what you alone can do is enter into your child’s fun.  So let your delight, surprise, perplexity, and involvement mirror that of your child as you share along in the interaction with our engaging tooth fairies. It's your level of involvement that determines whether your child thinks a tooth fairy's visit is so-so or SO GREAT.

What are the key elements of your letters?

“Losing a tooth has never been so much fun” is our motto for a reason. With every letter our tooth fairies write, we aim to keep that motto in mind.  (Admittedly, some take it to the extreme, like Mischiefee. He’s more of a “ask forgiveness, not permission” kind of fairy.)

Each tooth fairy letter works to include these elements:

  • Engaging. Drama, comedy or intrigue, we've got it covered.
  • Vivid. A lot can happen to a tooth fairy while picking up a tooth. And our fairies love to recount it all.
  • InteractiveOur fairies could just write a letter and leave it at that. But it’s much more fun when they get your child involved. That's why many of our letters often run for two nights or more and ask your child to participate in some way (e.g., write back, draw a picture, follow clues, fill out a form, etc.)
  • Educational. Our writing and drawing prompts tickle your young child’s imagination -- and also train while they entertain.
  • Memorable. The more you and your child engage in the scripted fun, the stronger the memories you'll make.

Can I personalize the letters with my child's name?

Yes. Before printing, you can easily personalize the letters and tooth fairy certificate with your child's name in the same font as the letter.

How do I get these letters and what's included?

All letters are in PDF format and available for immediate purchase, download and printing. Each letter comes with a tooth fairy certificate and instructions on when and where to hide the letters, tooth money, and other activity props.

What if my child didn't like the letter?

We offer a 30-day refund policy on all of our letters in the event you or your child are unsatisfied with the experience.

Is there a special order to follow when using these letters?

You can start with any tooth fairy. You can get a bundle of letters or you can pick and choose single letters.  Just be sure to start with the first letter in a tooth fairy's series, like A1 or M1 or B1 or S1 and so on. Try out a mix to give your child the full experience of getting a visit and letter from each of our tooth fairies.

If your child's tooth hasn't fallen out yet, start with the free Loose Tooth Bundle. This free packet of letters introduces all of our tooth fairies and sets up the expectation that any of these tooth fairies could pay a visit when your child's tooth falls out. If you can't start with the Loose Tooth Bundle, use it for the next loose tooth to give your child some of the tooth fairies' "back story." (But only if you want. This isn't a requirement.)

Who writes your letters?

Our tooth fairy letters are written by individual tooth fairies, each with a distinctive personality. Only the most select tooth fairies make the cut. We don’t hire, train and certify just anyone. As our goal with our letters is to turn losing teeth into winning smiles, we look for those with distinctive backgrounds and unique personalities.

Couldn’t I just write my own tooth fairy letter?

Well, you could. But did you know that it’s illegal to impersonate a real person? And I bet we seem pretty real to your kid. Why mess with that.

On a less silly and more practical note, we do all the work for you with these letters. It’s our job, after all. You just get to sit back and watch the adventure unfold.

I’ve heard of "The Tooth Fairy." But you deliver letters from "a tooth fairy." I had no idea there was more than one of you.

Ah, yes. The Tooth Fairy.

You are absolutely right that there has always been The Tooth Fairy. She’s been visiting kids for years. But with nearly 2 billion children* in the world today, she’d become one very busy woman. Seeing that, we identified a business opportunity, you could say. We capitalized on the law of supply and demand, hired a bunch of young, go-getter tooth fairies, trained and certified them, and sent that overworked Tooth Fairy off to a well-deserved retirement (with a party, of course, and a gold-plated tooth-encrusted watch for her many, many, many years of stellar service.)

* These 2 billion children include children up to the age of 14, many of whom think they’re too cool to still believe in tooth fairies. Nevertheless, they never turn down ToothLoot for their teeth if we deliver it. Interesting.