Education yields expertise

Training and education is at the core of all we do here at The Tooth Fairy Company. Our E.Y.E. (Education Yields Expertise) Tooth Department is the heart beat of our operations. We say this because we know that our tooth fairies are only as good as the training they receive.

To this end, we require all new hires to The Tooth Fairy Company to complete a rigorous training program before going out on any tooth assignments. Fairies take these courses in-house with our instructors at The Tooth Fairy Academy.  

We also expect our tooth fairies to pass a certification exam and become licensed as a C.T.F., or Certified Tooth Fairy, within one year of hire, regardless of what other certifications they hope to achieve.

(As a point of clarification, new hires are designated as a T.F.I.T. or Tooth Fairy-in-TrainingOnce a tooth fairy completes our training program, he/she officially becomes a T.F., or Tooth Fairy. Finally, after a tooth fairy passes the certification exam, he/she is a Certified Tooth Fairy or C.T.F.)


Tooth fairy curriculum

Our tooth fairy training program includes a number of required and elective courses. To prepare our tooth fairies to sit for the CTF certification exam, we have aligned these courses with the four areas of that exam: Planning & Procurement, Teeth & ToothLoot Reporting, Letter Writing, and Tooth Operations.

Planning & Procurement

  1. Crafting and Executing a Strategy for Tooth Fairy Success*
  2. Crisis Management: When Things Go Wrong
  3. Designing a Kid-Friendly Experience
  4. Entering and Exiting a Bedroom 
  5. Modern Issues for the 21st Century Tooth Fairy
  6. Teeth Procurement Best Practices*
  7. Tooth Route Planning Fundamentals*
  8. Understanding Today’s Child*

Teeth & ToothLoot Reporting

  1. Building Public and Private Tooth Collections
  2. Complete Business Math for Tooth Fairies*
  3. Happy vs. Sad Teeth: Essentials of Appraising*
  4. Legal and Ethical Aspects of Teeth Appraising*
  5. Problems in Authenticating Loose Teeth
  6. Tooth Damage and Loss: Understanding Your Options
  7. Using Comparables in Teeth Appraisal Practice: An Essential Guide*

Letter Writing

  1. Writing Letters: The Basic Building Blocks*
  2. Advanced Letter Writing*
  3. From Traveler to Travel Writer: Recounting A Tooth Fairy’s Journey
  4. Polite Chuckle or Hearty Laugh: Writing the Comic Letter
  5. Guess What Happened: The Art of Writing Intrigue and Suspense
  6. The Writer’s Toolbox*
  7. Writing Unforgettable Letters*
  8. Personalized Salutations and Why They Matter*

Tooth Fairy Operations

  1. Basic Tooth Fairy Essentials: Concepts and Tools*
  2. Improving Your Negotiation Effectiveness: What to Do When a Child Wants to Keep the Tooth*
  3. Managing Teeth Quotas*
  4. Professional Ethics for Tooth Fairies*
  5. Structuring and Deploying Tooth Fairy Teams
  6. Teeth and ToothLoot: Secrets of Successful Deal Making
  7. Tooth Fairy Talent Assessment and Selection
  8. ToothLoot Compensation Design Fundamentals*

* Required course work

CTF certification

The CTF certification is the most common certification in the tooth fairy world. Certification protects the public interest, and, therefore, is required by almost every tooth fairy employer. Certified tooth fairies demonstrate high-level technical (tooth procurement) skills, advanced financial (tooth values) knowledge, and ethical (ToothLoot reporting) standards. 

To achieve CTF certification, a tooth fairy must pass the CTF exam. The CTF exam consists of four separate exams, which are taken one at a time. Tooth fairy candidates may take the exams in any order, but once the first exam is passed, the other three must also be passed within 6 months.

Planning and Procurement (PLP)

The longest exam section at 2.5 hours, Planning and Procurement covers topics like locating, identifying and verifying loose teeth, procuring lost teeth, and child personality profiling.

Teeth and ToothLoot Reporting (TLR)

This exam section lasts 2.0 hours, and covers such subjects as appraising teeth and accounting for teeth transactions.

Letter Writing (LET)

This exam section is 1.5 hours long, and tests tooth fairy candidates on quality letter components and letter writing skills.

Tooth Fairy Operations (TFO)

This exam section is 1.0 hours, and addresses compensation, staffing, and other standard tooth fairy operating procedures.

Continuing Professional Education

Our E.Y.E. Tooth Department, in partnership with The Tooth Fairy Academy, is also proud to be a source for high-quality Continuing Professional Education. It is our goal to provide CTFs with the most efficient and cost-effective way to fulfill their mandatory ongoing educational requirements.