A Tooth Fairy Sorts the Teeth

The Skeeterflip Report #8

Spring is here. And that means Smigglesfert has sprung into action.

With the snow melting, Smigglesfert was finally able to recatalog all of the teeth that Bumblefee had used to decorate her snowman. (And take down his scarecrow.) Once he finished sorting those, he moved on to the teeth that the tooth fairies brought back last week.

As a conscientious Tooth Fairy-in-Training, he is very methodical in how he does this work.

First, he creates major categories for each type of tooth. Happy teeth. Sad teeth. Mad teeth. Bad teeth.

Within those categories, he then creates smaller groups. Jubilant teeth. Depressed teeth. Seething teeth. Rotten teeth. And on and on it goes, into smaller and more specific clusters. As he works, he consults his thesaurus. He loves to find and learn new words to express happy, sad, mad and bad.

Well, watching Smigglesfert work posed too big of a temptation for Mischiefee to resist. When Smigglesfert stopped to go to class, Mischiefee snuck into the storage room and changed all the tooth category labels. He put the happy label on the hurting teeth. He stuck the cheery label on the churlish teeth. He switched around mad and glad. He swapped pleased with peeved.

Mischiefee would have pulled off this prank successfully. Except those teeth weren’t having it. They started yelling and screaming. Ranting and raving. Howling and hollering.

And you want to guess why?

They were not going to let Mischiefee undo all of Smigglesfert’s hard work. These sad, mad and bad teeth might not be the most pleasant to look at with their stains and holes, but they are very loyal. They can tell when someone is trying to take care of them.

And Smigglesfert does. In fact, he is the first to ever give many of them any proper care and attention. He always tries to cheer up the sad teeth and calm down the mad teeth. He sings songs. He tells jokes. He asks questions and really listens to what they have to say. And they appreciate it.

To get these teeth to quiet down, Mischiefee had no choice but to put all the labels back on the proper containers. When Smigglesfert returned to the room, he had no idea what had happened. The only thing he noticed – and noted in his notebook - was that the mad teeth were a little more worked up than usual.

I guess the lesson in this is that your teeth won’t fail you if you don’t fail them.

Well, that’s it for this week’s report. I’ll send over another one soon.

Signing off,

Inspector Skeeterflip

The Skeeterflip Report is the official record of our tooth fairies' activities, as observed and chronicled by Inspector Skeeterflip, our Loose Tooth Checker and self-appointed company reporter. Unofficially, it's a tooth fairy story. But we try not to call it that in front of him.

Smigglesfert sorts teeth, and Tooth Fairy Mischiefee sees an opportunity for, you guessed it, mischief.