Free tooth fairy letters to print right now

Don't you love getting something for free? We do too, so here's a free tooth fairy letter. Oh wait, make that plural, as in free printable tooth fairy letters.

(We'll stop now before we beat the point to death.)

These tooth fairy letters are free because it's our way of saying, "The first visit's on us." Our tooth fairies love visiting kids, writing them letters, and involving them in playful activities. In fact, if they had their way, all their tooth fairy letters and visits would be free... but they have groceries to buy, mortgages to pay, and this website to run. So this arrangement is the compromise we reached. 

Free Premium Printable Tooth Fairy Letters

(The letters from our most experienced tooth fairies)

Ariafee Tries to Sing

  • 2 visits across 2 nights
  • 7 pages of tooth fairy correspondence
  • 1 word scramble game to involve your child
  • 1 tooth fairy certificate
  • Can personalize with your child's name

When Ariafee, our singing tooth fairy tries to sing your child a song, she snores instead. Mortified, she seeks out Dr. Say-ahh-fee, who prescribes treatment. But it's only with the help of your child that the song finally makes sense.

Mischiefee's ToothLoot Treasure Hunt

  • 1 visit and 1 surprise in the morning
  • 4 pages of tooth fairy correspondence
  • 1 treasure hunt to involve your child
  • 1 tooth fairy certificate
  • Can personalize with your child's name

Bored with leaving ToothLoot under a pillow, Tooth Fairy Mischiefee decides to send your child on a treasure hunt to find it. From shoes and sinks to front doors and tooth brushes, his clues take your child to places all over your house.   

Bumblefee Spends the ToothLoot

  • 3 days of fun, silliness and suspense
  • 12 pages of tooth fairy correspondence
  • 1 search and 1 writing activity 
  • 1 tooth fairy certificate
  • Can personalize with your child's name

En route to pick up your child's tooth, Bumblefee buys a doughnut with the money designated for your child's tooth. As if that weren't enough, naughty Fweebolwitz steals part of it too. How will she ever make this right?

More free tooth fairy letters

Free tooth fairy letter for the first loose tooth

Loose Tooth Letter Bundle

Inspector Skeeterflip, Loose Tooth Checker, visits your child to confirm a loose tooth. A few days later, Tooth Fairy Bumblefee also drops by to explain what will happen -- and who might come -- after the tooth falls out. (These are fun letters to use before your child's loose tooth falls out.)

Flitterfee Forgets to Visit

Yep, it happens. A tooth fairy forgot to visit when a child's tooth fell out. But do you ever wonder why? In this two-night forgetful tooth fairy letter adventure, you'll get that (long and rambling) answer, in true Flitterfee form.  Be prepared for lots of tangents...

Smigglesfert Sneezes and Loses the Tooth

Our Tooth Fairy-in-Training is assigned his first tooth pick-up. To say that it doesn't go smoothly is an understatement. After sneezing and almost waking your child, he loses your child's tooth. He solicits your child's help in finding it before he gets kicked out of the Tooth Fairy Academy.

Envelope templates

Printing envelopes is optional. For some kids, getting the tooth fairy note is good enough. For others, every extra detail enhances the experience.

Envelope #10 (standard business size, 4.12" x 9.5") 

Envelope Monarch (3.88" x 7.5")