The Tooth Fairy Team

High on personality, low on convention, this quirky bunch is hard at work for you. Whether role model or reluctant employee, overachiever or underhanded villain, these tooth fairies endeavor to entertain with every visit they make and letter they write. 

Learn a little bit about each of them below, or read more about their lives in The Skeeterflip Report.

Ariafee, T.F.

Ariafee is as mesmerizing as the songs she loves to sing. She's been known to become so enamored with her performance in front of a mirror in a child's room that she loses all track of time. She's also reconciled herself to the fact that she needs this tooth fairy gig until she gets her big break.

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Bumblefee, C.T.F.

Long, faithful service has made Bumblefee a recognized leader in the Company. Don't let the wacky spelling in her letters, the fact that she is prone to accidents, or her disheveled appearance fool you:  this doughnut-loving tooth fairy gets the job done ... eventually! 

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Dr. Say-ahh-fee

Dr. Say-ahh-fee is the good doctor who does his best to keep the fairies healthy and happy. Unfortunately, his task is somewhat complicated by the fact that he faints at the sight of blood and swoons at the mention of needles.

Flitterfee, T.F.

To describe Flitterfee as "all over the place" would be saying it kindly. Reading a letter from this fairy is like rapidly surfing TV channels. Unable to focus on any one thing for long, she once went to get a child's tooth and came back with a shoe. Yep, she forgot what she was there for.

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Fweebolwitz, X.T.F.

The black sheep, the rotten egg, the bad apple -- Fweebolwitz has often been described by these and similar sobriquets. Once part of The Tooth Fairy Company, this villain was evicted for his naughty ways, and now devotes himself to obstructing the tooth fairy mission—and especially to robbing ToothLoot!

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Mischiefee, T.F.

A lover of practical jokes, Mischiefee's colleagues often wonder how this fairy was hired in the first place. At one time or another, almost everyone —fellow tooth fairies, close friends, even teachers— has been the target of his pranks.

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Smigglesfert, T.F.I.T.

Earnest student at the Tooth Fairy Academy, this Tooth Fairy-in-Training (T.F.I.T.) also serves occasionally on special assignments. Nervous and anxious to do everything right, Smigglesfert dreams of one day serving with distinction as a Certified Tooth Fairy. But first he has to get his emotional sneezing under control before he accidentally wakes a sleeping child. 

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Skeeterflip, L.T.C.

"Inspector Skeeterflip, if you please." This fairy proudly plays his role as Loose Tooth Checker (and general commentator) for the Company...and strives to look the part too. How's that, you ask. Well, he once tried to legally change his name to "Sherlock Holmes." Need we say more.

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